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      VSF Technology Co., Ltd is an electronic technology Co., Ltd which registered in Hong Kong and the mainland .
      It located in Shenzhen. Our company has advanced equipment and standard production workshop.
      With ISO9001-2000 standards, we pay close attention to each work details strictly to ensure the safe production and high quality.
      Our products have got the CE, FCC, ROHS REACH   International authentication and are exported to many countries all over the world.
      We are specialized in design and producing all kinds of speakers,Mini speaker with bluetooth and retro speaker with radio,Alarm speaker,Outdoor speakers etcs.


      VSF takes care of clients in every aspect and offers one-stop service of. consulting, planning, design, sample making, production, quality control, assembly, logistic and post-sales service. On account of our dedicated and meticulous attitude, we have become the contract supplier of numerous multinational corporations, listed companies and government departments. This shows the confidence our customers pay us as well as our strength in quality of product.


      We know that even a small product can have a great effect to the corporate image. That’s why we take every production steps very serious and hope to give the best services to our customers. For every sales order, it must be monitored by our QA team carefully, all the goods will be sent to our Shenzhen inspection centre after the mass production for safety and quality check. Ensure that all the produced items will be sent to our clients in time.


      Throughout the years,Our R&D team keep launching innovative and diversified keyrings regularly so as to fulfill clients of different industry. We do our best to ensure that every client may find interest and think of new idea during every visiting.


      In order to code with rapid development of internet, VSF initiates an online merchandising system, letting our client to get the most updated products information and make orders in a more convenient and efficient way.


      With the dedicated cooperation of staff from every department and the sustained supporting of clients from different industry, that’s why we can be the leading company in electronics area. From now on, we insist in keeping advancement in every area in order to provide the best service to our client.



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