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      1. Products Selection
      Choose products via VSF website .

      2. Product Enquiry
      Get products’ detail via telephone, enquiry form, email or fax.

      3. Receive Quotation
      Quotation will be sent according the client requirement.

      4. Sales Order Confirmation
      Sales Order will be prepared by VSF for confirmation.

      5. Artwork Confirmation
      Artwork will be prepared by our designer for confirmation.

      6. Sample Confirmation
      The printed sample will be produced for your confirmation.

      7. Mass Production
      Mass production will be arranged after sample confirmation.

      8. Quality Control
      All-rounded inspection will be taken by our quality controllers.

      9. Delivery
      Delivery will be arranged after inspection.

      10. After-sales Service
      After-sales service will be taken for improving our service, we are looking forward for you next order.


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