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      Product Enquiry
      What is enquiry form? How to use it?

      Clients can make use of the enquiry form to get quotation by clicking the button of " Add Enquiry", multi-products can be added. Leave contact information and press send. VSF sales person will then send you the quotation via e-mail.

      How can I get the quotation?

      1) Hotline Enquiry
      Using VSF enquiry hotline within office hour(Mon to Fri 9:00am to 7:00pm and Sat 9:00am to 1:00pm)
      Enquiry Hotline: +0086 75526467176

      2) E-mail Enquiry
      Please leave the products information, requirement and artwork, if possible, send to info@qualityusb.com

      3) Enquiry Form
      Adding the interested products into enquiry form and fill in the contact information and remark.

      Minimum QTY

      There are different MOQ listed in product introduction of every single product. If the order quantity less than MOQ, the price will be higher than the wholesale price.

      Terms of payment

      We accept 30% Deposit, 70% T/T before shipment;

      Purchasing Terms
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