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      Water dancing Speaker

      Water Dancing Speaker( 2.0) can be with 4 colors ambience or just one color ambience
       LED, sprinkle when music play; great for desktop decoration

      1.Mini speaker design with decent looking.
      2.USB 5V power supply with easy using
      3.Water dancing while music beats.
      4.Compatible with MP3,PC and CD Player.
      5.Can do OEM color.
      6.Output Power  3Wx2
         Material:Plastic ABS
      7.Type of connection USB-mini 5 pin+3.5mm-3.5mm AUX cable
          Cable length 1.2M
      8.Working current No music plays( Idling) 80mA
         When music plays( Working) 280 to 590mA( depends music beats)


      White Paper box 1.2M 3.5mm AUX cable*1, USB mini 5 pin connector*1

      Dimension: 220*63*51mm 

      Color box size : 245*165*82MM
      CTN size : 515*345*265MM
      Qty: 12 set
      N.W: 8.39  KG
      G.W:9.61  KG

      Delivery:25 days after order confirmed.

      If you need samples pls tell me.TKS.




      The VSF Marketing Team


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