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        Graphic and Product Design
      We offer graphic and product design service. According to your requirement, our profession designer can design, enhance the promotion effect.

      Printing and Assembly
      VSF own printing and assembly factory in Shenzhen, VSF can thus offer different value adding service to our clients.

      Packaging is a critical process in marketing promotion, it serious affect the value of a product, with a suitable packaging, it makes a company being impressed.

      Quality inspection
      VSF’s quality inspection centre found in Shenzhen, our professional quality control team process an all-rounded inspection in quality and safety aspect, also we can help client make different international testing such as SGS.

      Mass product can be hold in VSF’s warehouse where monitor by VSF security guard.

      Logistic service
      We’ve got our delivery team in PRC, we hold intensive transport

      Import and Export service
      Arranging custom declaration and worldwide delivery



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